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Big Ol'


Blue and Green this jumper is great for tight spaces. With a base approx. 9'x9' this unit is fun for those get together with friends. Recommended for kids 7 and under this jumper has a low enough profile it is suitable for many venues.

Mini Obstacale


With our younger friends in mind this unit has a height of approx 6' at its highest point making it a versatile indoor and outdoor unit. Suitable for those 4 and under this unit has our friends enter and navigate the obstacle to the slide out finish line.

Red & Purple Jumper w/slide


Versatile this unit can be used both wet or dry and has option pool attachment available. With plenty of room to jump this bright and colorful unit will be sure to draw the smiles out in everyone.

Soccer Darts


10' wide and ready to go, this fun and unique game is fun for all ages.

Axe Throwing


That's right! Inflatable axe throwing great fun for all with player vs player action or individual play.

Ring Toss


An oversized version of a well known classic but with a twist the rings in this version have a diameter of 3'. This unit is approx. 7' wide and is sure to inspire some "Good 'ol Fashioned" friendly competition among players.



again an oversized version of a well known classic perfect for not only parties but fundraisers as well! Standing at 13' in height this game is a statement piece for any event.



The Classic come to large inflatable size results in an approx. 15'x15' playing mat with more than double the playing space the the flat original version. Roll the dice to discover your next move!

Mini Crayons


Smaller in size this unit has a height under 5.5' and is perfect for those younger ones. Recommended for 3 and under this unit is perfect both indoors or out.



With it's highest point at just over 8' this smaller aimed unit has plenty of fun in it's compact size. Again for our younger friends this unit is complete with slide and jumping area. Base approx 8' x 10'  theres plenty of room to jump away!

Little Ones Soft Land


This customizable space is complete in its child friendly building block inspired boundary and foam padded floor perfect for a sock friendly environment for our little friends. With plenty of options as to elements to incorporate each set up is unique to the group using it. Comes with your choice of 4 elements. *Extra elements available at additional cost.

Money Cube


With green trim this unit is dual fan powered and perfect for a variety of events.



Player v. player game enjoyable for all ages.  Large play area of approx. 17' x 17' this is sure to be a memorable game for all.



In player vs. player cheer on and enjoy the game with your friends! This oversized ring at 16'x16' complete with oversized gloves has been great fun for stags, parties and graduations among other types of gatherings.

Nerf Target


Starting at $150 we have a large target available complete with two nerf guns and 50 darts included. We have options available to add on to enhance and increase options available when considering this unit, please contact us for more information.



A large dry use exclusive jump area and two lane slide make this unit great for large groups and bigger kiddos. It's colorful exterior matches great with all themes.



Purchased as a result of our son's love of this classic character Thomas is available to join all the events with a bouncing and sliding great time !



Classic jump house experience and perfect for those compact spaces, let us help you tire those kiddos out! Approx. base footprint of 15'x15.

Jumper w/ Slide


Being both dry and wet capable this unit has many options to create the best experience. With hose hook up and the pool slide landing optional many options are available for most weather and in cooler temperatures can be utilized as a ball pit upon request. (26.5'L, 12' W, 14.5' H) **W/ pool attached

Rainbow slide


Smaller than our Tropics this 12' water slide is perfect for a splashing great time. With a seat height of 6' and overall height of 12' the kids are sure to have fun!
(21'L, 9' W, 12'H) *Can be used dry-ask today

Wet/Dry Combo


Also NEW this season is our wet/dry combination inflatable! With great landing pad while dry use the splash landing with water hookup can be a hot summer day saver!  



Same size and style as our jumper with pillar crayons for added detail.

Double Slide


One slide either side with an entrance and jump area in the middle this mid-sized jumper is perfect. With a 9' x7' jump area  this gem has become a fast fan favorite. Both available for wet and dry usage this unit is great from beginning of spring to end of fall!  When not used the pool landing area at bottom is a great ball pit and adds to the fun for all!
(16.5'L,15' W, 11' H)

Tropics Slide


This single lane 20' high Tropics themed slide is sure to be a hit at any gathering ! Larger in size and water supply required this slide ensures slip sliding fun for everyone.

Blue Waves Slide


New this year! This taller single lane slide is sure to delight and inspire a Splish Splashing Great time. Again with hose connection prepare to be soaked while splash landing and enjoying our great summer days!



For the young adult this multi player game is tons of fun. Complete with two inflatable "whackers" that are yours to keep when finished this is a fun on to "whack" each other around on.

Hot Food Roller


Table top and easy to use this multi roller machine can serve up those quick snack favorites. From themed parties, easy to serve foods and even fundraising needs this unit is perfect and compact. Although we do not provide the food for the unit we are able to suggest various vendors which have offerings from hotdogs and smokies to taquitos and kabobs.

Cotton Candy Machine


Table top, easy to use and soo delicious. With sugar and cones included you are ready to go!

Event BBQ


Dual tank, 5' cooking length this BBQ is a dream for those large gatherings and even fundraising events. With large surface to both sides you have ample room to prepare a delicious meal. **cooking utensils not included**

Snowcone Machine


Complete with cups, spoons and syrup all you need is ice. This table top easy to use machine is great to cool off during those hot summer days! With an assortment of flavors included you're sure to have a colorful summer! (Minimum 5x 6oz)



Is your event a little further out?  Is running a cord not conducive to the plan? We have various generators available for add on delivered full and ready to go. We will start it up and show you on site so you're confident and ready to go when needed!

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