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PArty Extras!

Available for Purchase

Add on or stand alone we have options available! From Sparkle tattoos to paintballs and the classics like Pin the Tail on the Donkey we are looking to make you smile today!

We are on the look out to increase our offerings so check back soon!

Sparkle Tattoo Kits


With 12 designs and two stencils of each you get 24 tattoos with all supplies needed to make a sparkling impression your next party! Perfect for ANYBODT to do, no skills required. Three  variations available!!  Can last upto 7 days! **Larger & smaller kits available please ask!

Party Activity kit


With supplies for many activities our self-assembled kits will entertain for multiple parties! Coming complete with 6 activities including some "classics" this kit is made available for 6 people. Included is: three legged race bands, sacks for sack racing, pin the tail on the donkey, wooden egg & spoons, discs for musical discs/marking start & finish lines, etc.

*Can be adjusted for more participants
*Tattoo kit $25 to add

Throwable Paintballs

$15 or 2/$25

Made in Canada, Goblies are the next "IT" thing! Like a water balloon but colorful these come as 40 per box and are perfect for something fun , cleanable and different!  This paint is not intended to create permanent artwork. Pink, blue and green all available!

Bachlorette Party Items

Please contact us as we have a limited but ever growing selection as we are working to broaden our offerings!